About us

About us

We and our vision

Author's design studio INRE performs work to create the interiors of apartments, offices, restaurants, shops, cafes, leisure and entertainment houses.

INRE realizes architectural projects of country houses, from a drawing on paper and ending with the facility to operate.

Landscape design and creation of the author of furniture are also top priorities of INRE.

In our work we strive to find the optimal combination of original ideas and bold, but well-informed decisions that can give to any room special, specific mood. Therefore, each project by INRE is individual and unique. It takes into account the financial possibilities of a customer, but at the same time is able to emphasize his social status.

To be effective, beyond the technical aspects of the work, it is also important emotional component. For us the most important is that you respect your new home; that, having crossed the threshold, you feel that this is now set up home only and special for you; that apartment, designed by INRE, reflects your personality, your psychological characteristics, preferences, style and lifestyle; that all inside it is brought to mind. And then you will want to live in it immediately – right now, not tomorrow and not next year. These emotions are very valuable to us and mean a lot more than the official awards, all sorts of prizes, awards and nominations.

Developing a particular project, we are not looking for "easy" compromises and try to come to a unanimous opinion. So we brought that cultural and educational environment in which we evolved, in which shape our artistic taste. Perhaps that is why we always manage to sort the styles and find the one, the only key to the solution, which in the end the same appeal to all participants in the process: on our side, and the customer.