Our vision

"Inre", translated from the urban dialect of Latin, means – "in practice". This principle was the basis of our studios since 1998, when we first presented a new understanding of what a culture of service in architectural and interior design, how to provide comprehensive customer support in organizing and implementing of the design project at various levels and use .

At the same time and the other formed the distinctive feature of the Studio: a commitment to the highest standards in the organization and the highest quality requirements of the projects in (this is important) your budget. This approach has made us recognizable in professional circle and beyond it. It allowed us to build relationships with customers in a fair and long-term basis, which in turn made it possible for regular customers expect to reduce the time of preparation of design projects.

This gave us the impetus for the development and enrichment of their own style. The key to sustained success is for us to have clear understanding of the task, the clarity and efficiency of its solutions at each stage:

• identification of project goals and objectives;
• search for an optimal solution and the method of its implementation;
• project planning;
• preparation and coordination of the layout;
• the implementation of the project as planned;
• evaluation of results.

Individual approach to every client, every project and every task, plus – strict adherence to corporate ethics and high professional standards for own employees – this is the philosophy INRE. Staying true to her since it was founded (1998), we orient all, even the most democratic decisions of INRE to create only perfect interiors and architectural projects.